Latex International Introduces New Latex Formulation at High Point

Latex International will highlight its innovative, technologically enhanced collection of Talalay, 100% All Natural, and Dunlop latex components in a newly designed section of the Pure LatexBLISS showroom at the fall High Point Market. As a leader in the growing latex category, Latex International has developed several new technologies and materials it will be featuring. Also, as more and more manufacturers are expanding into hybrid lines that include latex, the new “components showcase” is designed promote collaboration and new product development between the company and its OEM customers

The new 800 square-foot space will feature the company’s new Controlled Thermal Reaction (CTR) latex, Talalay Latex Support Cylinders, Talalay Latex Massaging Wave upholstery rolls, graphite-infused latex, and Talalay GL, among several others. The space will be very “hands on” and will have informative displays that will discuss the benefits and features of each of the components. Sales, R&D and production specialists will be able to work with clients on new product offerings crafted especially for their needs.

“We have developed a very dynamic section of the showroom where we can collaboratively work with our OEM customers to pull from our vast research and development resources to deliver exciting latex solutions for their products,” said Latex International President and CEO Dave Fisher. “We’ve stepped up our pace of new product development to meet the growing needs of our manufacturing partners who are looking to incorporate more latex into their specialty and hybrid offerings. It is very exciting time for our company and our segment of the sleep products industry.”