Latex International Introduces Dunlopillo Branded Latex to US

The leading global manufacturer of Talalay latex bedding components, Latex International, announced its introduction of Dunlopillo branded Dunlop process latex to the U.S. marketplace.

“Latex International has been always been synonymous with Talalay Latex, but we believe becoming a house of multiple brands is an important step for our company. Introducing Dunlopillo as an ingredient brand demonstrates our commitment to being leaders in latex and our goal to uncommoditize the category. Our brands will help manufacturers bring distinctive products to market, and that’s what retailers are looking for. Our future and their success are based on creating a variety of quality products that standout on the showroom floor,” said Latex International President and CEO Dave Fisher.

Moving forward with an initiative to market the components inside mattresses, Latex International will now begin offering its manufacturers on-mattress labeling to certify either “Dunlopillo Latex Inside” or “Talalay Latex Inside.” This will serve as a reference point for retail sales associates working to educate consumers on the benefits of sleeping on latex.

“When shopping for a computer, we look for the sticker that says ‘Intel Inside®,’ and with clothing it could be Lycra or Gor-Tex® that we want. We’ve learned that it’s what’s inside the finished product that counts. We want to create that same ‘ingredient’ brand recognition in the bedding space. We know whether its Talalay or Dunlopillo, it’s the latex inside a mattress that matters, and this labeling is a simple way to elevate our branding while educating both RSA’s and consumers,” added Fisher.

Dunlopillo was founded in Britain in 1929 and is the oldest and most recognized latex brand in the world. Acquired by Latex International in 2008, Dunlopillo is available in more than 75 countries around the world.

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About Latex International: Founded in 1975, Latex International is the world’s largest manufacturer of latex mattresses and pillows, sold under many leading brand names through strategic business partners. More than 200 employees produce mattress cores, toppers and pillow buns utilizing both the Talalay molding and Dunlop continuous flow process from manufacturing and fabrication centers in Shelton, CT and Wichita Falls, TX.