Kayfoam Introduces Full Range of Temperature Regulating Gel Foams

As the demand for gel-infused and temperature regulating bedding products continues to grow in the United States, Kayfoam has introduced a range of new gel-based sleep solutions to the European market. With a long history of genuine innovation, Kayfoam offers patented and proven temperature regulating foams and gels.

“The European bedding market is fast moving towards temperature regulating solutions because these bring exciting new benefits and stories for the mattress consumer,” said David Moffitt, CEO of Kayfoam. “We can add value because we have been pioneering gel and other temperature regulating foam materials since 2010 and now have an expanse of know how and breadth of gel-based products that is un-matched”.

Kayfoam sets itself apart from other foam manufacturers in this sector with its breadth of material innovation in addition to its commitment to backing up its claims with third-party lab testing.

The company offers a wide range of material choices, including gel-polymer, gel-infused and surface gel-infused foams. This diversity allows mattress manufacturers to differentiate their offerings, opening up portfolio opportunities at a variety of price points—from value-oriented to premium. With block, converted, sub-assembled or finished consumer products available, Kayfoam can accommodate a number of different manufacturing needs.

As with all new technologies, as the market grows, so too has the number of imitators—not all of whom who bring proven temperature regulating benefits. “While we are not entirely alone in bringing proven temperature regulating foams and gels to the market,” Moffit continued, “we appear to be among the very few who bring patent protected materials to market and among fewer still to provide the independent laboratory testing to prove out our claims.”

With a host of key sleep innovations, Kayfoam is expanding rapidly. The company’s new Surface Infused Gel Memory Foam (for which the company has an exclusive agreement with the patent holder) is made with a coating of Phase Change Material that offers advanced temperature regulation throughout the year.

“It has a hand touch quality that is completely unique and has application for mattress, pillow and even foam makers,” Moffitt expained. “The addition of colour additives to the foam generates even more marketing potential and excitement but the key message is that the technology really helps to reduce relative humidity and provide a fresh temperature regulating effect.”

Additionally, Kayfoam has also successfully entered the Sleep Diagnostics category with new solutions that help reduce consumer confusion associated with purchasing mattresses and pillows. The company’s MySleepScan body measurement device and the MySleep Pillow Size Station will be available to licensee’s globally.

“We have the capactity to grow in Europe,” Moffitt continued, “and we are reaching out to mattress manufacturers and mattress retailers who see the consumer benefit in tempertaure regulating foams and gels.”

For more information, please visit kayfoam.com.