Jersey Shore Produces Performance-Tested, “Green” Angle Steel

Pennsylvania based, Jersey Shore Steel, produces extremely strong –high tensile and high yield strength – performance-tested and truly "green" steel manufacturers can use to build stronger, more environmentally-friendly bed frames. The company produces angle steel made of high-carbon, recycled railroad T-rail.

The T-rail is heated and re-rolled to form angle. In the process, the steel is made even stronger leading to extremely high strength-to-weight ratio steel perfect for the home furnishings industry. For the bedding industry, with today’s heavier mattress sets, this strength is essential. Other types of steel can allow excessive motion and often permanently bend, over time, and end up not providing proper stability to the mattress set. This lack of stability can cause premature failure or affect the mattresses warranty coverage.

Where other steel products require a heavier gauge, the rail steel used by Jersey Steel provides higher performance and dependability with less material use and a greater, per ton, yield. This translates into lower production costs for material handling, inventory, and freight.

Beyond the inherent benefits of rail steel, Jersey Shore Steel’s computer-controlled process produces the highest quality, consistency, and durability of any manufactured steel angle – without the higher energy costs and usage required to produce conventional steel.

Jersey Shore maintains high quality and performance, while reducing energy usage and shipping costs. Beyond using 100% recycled post consumer product as a feedstock, the company reheats this T-rail in a state-of-the-art furnace that runs on gas from garbage: methane gas captured from decomposing waste at a nearby landfill.

Using methane gas saves on energy costs, removes a greenhouse gas that otherwise would be released into the atmosphere and reduces the company’s need for other, less sustainable energy resources.

Jersey Shore began the process of producing a “greener” product years ago and in early in 2011, asked a team of Pennsylvania State University scientists to evaluate the company. This rigorous process found that the mill has, in fact, a negative carbon footprint. PSU also found that rail steel from Jersey Shore Steel contains the lowest embodied energy of any steel on the market today. Furthermore, the study found Jersey Shore’s product competes ecologically for embodied energy with other materials – including wood – making it the truly green choice for both strength and sustainability. Industry customers, such as Glideaway, Mantua, Knickerbocker, and Hickory, to name a few, get the added benefit of significant LEED credits when using Jersey Shore Steel for when constructing their bedframes.

"We are very much in favor of not only providing superior quality angle steel for furniture and bed frames, but also offering the bedding and furniture industry the most environmentally responsible product possible. Rail steel used in JSS angle represents recycling at its finest,” says Thomas Tillman, JSS VP Sales.

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[Photos by Mark Nance, Williamsport-Sun Gazette, used by permission. Photos copyright Williamsport Sun-Gazette.]