Innovative EUCAFEEL Foam for Premium Mattresses

The individual composition of the foam achieves a balanced sleeping environment and ensures a high level of quality: "From the outset our goal was to offer our customers foam that is both resistant to aging and reliable over the long-term" said Pascal Timmerman, responsible for sales at EUPEN FOAM PRODUCTS. "The special formula foam enables us to achieve perfect regulation of moisture and heat whilst providing superior pressure relief and high elasticity for a comfortable night's sleep". The material is particularly suitable for the manufacture of mattresses in the premium segment.

The cell structure of HT 4515 is very open while the foam is hydrophilic due to its chemical composition. Mattress manufacturers can now process a product that can absorb up to four times more moisture (compared to HR foams), according to laboratory tests conducted by EUPEN FOAM PRODUCTS. This effectively prevents moisture from accumulating on the surface and ensures a dry sleeping environment. The air permeability is also significantly increased, which benefits the ventilation of the mattress.

With regard to thermoregulation, HT 4515 provides improved values compared to previous solutions. The cell structure is designed so that body heat is better dissipated and evenly distributed over the entire surface area. This regulation of moisture and heat promotes a dry, fresh and mild sleeping environment and enhances the feeling of comfort.

"In regard to rebound resilience we could demonstrate significantly improved results compared to HR foams" explained Timmerman of the extensive testing done on HT 4515. "And the fracture elongation value is almost twice as high ... The new foam is not only extremely elastic; it also offers very good pressure absorption and distribution." During the series of tests, HT 4515 showed positive results for aging caused by compression deformation and for static aging. In comparison to regular HR foams, losses in height and hardness are demonstrably reduced.

The innovative concept of EUCAFEEL is already well received on the market, Timmerman affirmed: "The initial customers were immediately excited because the performance of the new foam is simply overwhelming."

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About EUPEN FOAM PRODUCTS: EUPEN FOAM PRODUCTS is the in-house specialist department of Kabelwerk Eupen AG based in Eupen. At the site in Belgium around 90 employees produce foam products for the mattress, furniture and automotive industries. EUPEN products are based on more than 60 years of experience in the production of polyurethane foams and the latest findings in material science. Eupen products are exported all over the globe. The company also has other processing plants in Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands, where bespoke quality foams can be custom made for each customer and application.