HSM introduces CoolACTIVE transitional foams

HSM-CoolACTIVE-FoamsDesigned with innovative foam technology, CoolACTIVE foam is a phase change material (PCM) foam that incorporates active regulating particles to cool and diffuse body heat throughout the night. The new foam is available in three variations: CoolACTIVE, a functionally modified Viscoelastic Memory Foam that contains PCM particles for heat dissipation and offers 25% heat transference; CoolACTIVE Gel, which combines BiOH Gel particles and PCM particles for 35% thermal transference; and CoolACTIVE GraphX2, a deluxe modified Viscoelastic Memory Foam that combines graphite particles and PCM particles for 40% thermal transference and flame retardant performance.

“The choice of three transitional foams gives customers the opportunity to create a custom temperature combination using a single foam or layered system,” said Todd Councilman, vice president of HSM bedding solutions. “To meet a variety of customer requirements, the foam is available in block, topper, slit roll, bed build and completed mattresses.”

For more information, visit: www.hsmsolutions.com and www.coolactivefoam.com

About HSM: One of North Carolina’s largest employers, HSM is a privately held company that brings together approximately 2,500 employees in more than 50 manufacturing plants in 17 states and several global distribution points to serve a wide array of diverse customers and markets. Based in Hickory, N.C., the company has expanded its global presence and moved beyond core furniture and bedding markets to embrace new growth opportunities in transportation, healthcare, packaging and government sectors.