HS Metalworks Installs Flow Drilling Equipment

Full-service components and capabilities provider HSM recently installed flow drilling equipment for the first time at its metal plant, expanding the company’s portfolio of value-added metal tubing used in a variety of industries. The new capability will broaden the company’s ability to service customers in the transportation, ATV, appliance, and lawn and garden industries, as well as expand into new sectors within the home furnishings industry.

Flow drilling, which allows components to be fastened directly onto straight or curved tubing without using rivet nuts or welding nuts, improves the performance and cost of numerous applications including vehicular frames, furniture frames, and items that are subject to frequent and repeated movement and/or high pressure use such as lawn and garden handles, shopping cart handles, and numerous other applications, according to Tim Becker, president of HS MetalWorks.

“This sophisticated drilling equipment gives us yet another way to add value to our product offerings and provide our customers with an additional assembly option that is not widely available among manufacturers,” Becker said. “It’s a significant investment, which will improve our ability to service customers with precisely engineered solutions.

“We’re big enough to supply multiple factory locations for customers, but small enough to respond quickly to find turnkey, integrated solutions for customers of any size,” Becker said. “This new equipment, coupled with our strict quality control processes, enables us to work with a host of industries that we previously haven’t served.”

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About HSM: HSM is a privately held company based in Hickory, North Carolina, with more than 30 manufacturing plants in 14 states. In addition to its core furniture and bedding markets, HSM also serves a growing range of customers in the transportation, packaging, healthcare, apparel, and other industries.