Hickory Springs Introduces New Innerspring and Foam Products

Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company introduced two new products to its diverse collection of integrated solutions for the furniture and bedding industries: the 7-inch ProACT™ innerspring and the bio-based reticulated foam product, Preserve® Hi Flo foam.

“As mattress manufacturers seek to control costs, the 7-inch ProACT innerspring provides them with a taller unit that enables them to reduce costs while maintaining the integrity of the mattress,” said Rick Anthony, director of sales for the bedding product division of Hickory Springs. “As a result, manufacturers are able to keep prices low for their customers without sacrificing quality. The unit also complements the 6-inch ProACT innerspring product that we introduced last year.”

According to Anthony, both the 6- and 7-inch units feature Hickory Springs’ patented InChex™ technology, with each row and column assembled in an opposing manner. “This approach to innerspring design neutralizes the transfer of motion, thereby reducing partner disturbances while balancing one’s body for a stable, balanced sleeping surface and a perfect night’s sleep,” Anthony explained.

ProACT innersprings are open end offset designed 4.5 turn coils made of 13.75 heavy gauge wire and are available in 357 and 396 coil counts. Each 6- or 7-inch-high coil can be foam encased, with perimeter sizes available.


hickory springs hi flo foam“Our Preserve Hi Flo product is unique because we pour it on line, and the production process does not require any post treating,” said Todd Councilman, Hickory Springs vice president bedding solutions. “In addition, we are the only foam manufacturer that offers an 83-inch width reticulated foam product. The extra width allows bedding manufacturers to use the product in rolls and sheets, eliminating seams and contributing to a more consistent air flow across the entire mattress.”

Among the innovative products that feature Hickory Springs’ reticulated foam is the XstreamAir from Latexco LLC. Latexco partnered with Hickory Springs to produce the breathable mattress comfort topper, which seamlessly fuses latex over a layer of Preserve Hi Flo foam and combines comfort with air flow. The latex-coated reticulated products are available in a variety of configurations and colors.

Preserve Hi Flo foam is produced in Americus, Ga., in close proximity to bedding and furniture manufacturers. “The product is a great fit for bedding as well as outdoor furniture, where its open cell construction allows water to flow through for rapid drying,” said Councilman. “It also offers a variety of firmnesses and densities to suit specific customer requirements.”

“By combining Preserve HF with other Hickory Springs products and processes, we continue to advance bedding solutions for manufacturers,” added Rick Anthony, Hickory Springs director of sales. “The result is an integrated sleep system that simplifies the production process and enhances the finished product.”

Visit www.hickorysprings.com, www.preservefoam.com and www.latexco.com.