Hickory Springs and Spinks Springs Partner to Expand Microcoil Distribution

Bedding manufacturers will have easier access to tiny wrapped coils due to the new Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company and Spinks Springs partnership. North Carolina-based Hickory Springs will distribute the 1½-inch-tall Posturfil, ¾-inch-tall Posturfil, and 2½-inch-tall Flexecore microcoils made by Spinks in its Leeds, UK factory.

The unique microcoils enable mattress manufacturers to layer coils closer to the sleep surface within a mattress’s comfort layer. “The result is the elimination of body impressions, one of the biggest challenges to both comfort and durability in the bedding industry,” explained Rick Anthony, director of sales for the bedding product division of Hickory Springs.

According to Anthony, comfort increases exponentially as coils are layered, providing manufacturers with the ability to create a range of comfort in their retail offerings. And because microcoils provide three-way stretch, they further enhance comfort.

“That’s because the coils are welded together, not glued,” noted Darren Marcangelo, Spinks Springs commercial director. “As a result, the springs are completely flexible and move in a variety of directions, unlike most springs that just move up and down.”

Spinks Springs introduced the tiny, durable coils two years ago using patented machine and design technology. At ¾-inch high, PosturfilHD springs offer a spring count equivalent to more than 2,000 coils in a queen-size mattress. The 1½-inch-tall Posturfil springs are available in five different tensions with spring counts up to 1,000 coils in a queen-size. Flexecore springs are 2½ inches tall and come in pocket sheets that support the Posturfil and PosturfilHD microcoil applications.

Visit www.hickorysprings.com and www.spinks-springs.com.