Hickory Spring Introduces Bio-Based Visco Gel Foam

Hickory Springs expands its portfolio of Preserve products with the introduction of a bio-based Visco gel foam.

“Demonstrating our commitment to creating foam products that are bio-based, partially replacing oil with natural and renewable resources, we’ve now added the cooling power of gel to Preserve, providing a truly restful night’s sleep,” said National Product Manager of Bedding Products, Brent Limer. “While our foam comfortably molds to the body, it’s actually more durable than oil-based foams meaning fewer body impressions. In 2005 when we introduced bio based foam we knew it wasn't a fad or a trend—we’re still proving that.”

Unlike beaded gel products, Preserve VG’s gel is evenly mixed throughout the entire foam matrix. Gel is swirled into the foam compound for added comfort, cooling and performance. Since VG’s gel is polyurethane, it is molecularly locked into the polyurethane foam structure. This ensures the gel will remain locked into the foam without the chance of shaking, falling or leaking out of the foam.

The North Carolina company’s development of Preserve foams came at a time of rising petroleum prices and concerns about raw material availability. Flexible polyurethane foam chemistry incorporates a renewable, natural ingredient allows for a kinder foam product, with stability in both pricing and supply. Hickory Springs’ goal for the Preserve program is to eventually eliminate all petrochemical products from its foam products.

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