FXI Develops New Temperature Regulating Technologies

MaxPerm by FXIFXI has created two components to help bedding manufacturers strategically position foam where it’s needed most in the temperature regulation category – Aerus and MAXPERM. With so much discussion in the industry around temperature-regulating bedding products, keeping a sleeper cool throughout the night has become an industry focus and as the category innovator, FXI has updated its line comfort enhancing foam materials with better airflow to meet consumer needs.

“Airflow and temperature regulation have been the ‘hot’ topic in the industry since the successful introduction of memory foam mattresses. Based on the consumer research we have compiled, we know that consumers want memory foam beds for all of its traditional benefits, but are also looking for added features, particularly with regard to temperature regulation,” said FXI Chief Marketing Officer Diane Adams.

Aerus has more than five times more airflow capacity than the conventional visco foams on the market and using a unique thermal reticulation process, MAXPERM allows the cell structure to be completely open, providing 15 times more airflow than other comfort related foams.

“We are one of the only companies to offer these dynamic and innovative products and that is why our materials are some of the most popular options for bedding manufacturers, especially now that temperature regulation has come to forefront of the industry,” she added.

MAXPERM uses a controlled post-processing technique in which the cell structure is left completely open, delivering consistent airflow across the entire surface. MAXPERM can be used in different layers of the bed to achieve greater consistency of airflow throughout the mattress.

Aerus is one of the most advanced visco-foams providing five-times more airflow and dissipating heat four-times faster than traditional products. Its enveloping design relieves pressure, provides premium support and touts a luxurious feel. Aerus is also highly durable, maintaining 99-percent of its height retention and its performance edge even after years of use.

For more information, visit www.fxi.com.

About FXI: FXI is a leading producer of innovative foam products for the home, healthcare, electronics, industrial, personal care and transportation markets. Headquartered in Media, PA, the company offers an array of products to meet the needs of a diverse marketplace. From mattresses and carpet cushioning to innovations in digital printing and computer disk drives, the foam solutions provided by FXI optimize performance and increase comfort for consumers.