Fine Cotton Factory Debuts Two Advanced Performance Fabrics

Fine Cotton Factory (FCF) debuted two innovative sleep products textiles at the recent ISPA Expo. In addition to making decorative ticking products for every shape and size mattress, FCF is introducing CuTEC, an exclusive patented copper-infused yarn, and Cygnet, a premium phase-change cooling fabric—both of which were developed with mattresses and top of bed performance in mind.

“CuTEC and Cygnet were created for leading mattress makers as they meet rising consumer demand for copper-infused and cooling fabric products in the North American market,” said Fine Cotton Factory Director of Special Projects Skip Kann. “By delivering high quality performance and value, these new products embody FCF’s commitment to delivering high quality and innovative components to the sleep products industry.”

Well known for its anti-odor, hygienic and positive health properties, copper has been used formedicinal purposes for centuries. Designed to deliver the health benefits of copper, CuTEC yarn is a USPTO|EPO patent pending, bio-engineered copper-infused yarn that can be knitted into mattress ticking. This advanced product is made from yarn manufactured by Fiber and Yarn Products Incorporated/Next Fiber Technology LLC.

FCF also launched Cygnet, a patented phase-change cooling fabric that stays approximately 4–8 Fo cooler than ambient temperatures to help keep consumers cool while they sleep. While at the ISPA Expo, the company staged a live Cygnet demonstrations illustrating the innovative new fabric’s temperature effectiveness as a cooling cover when compared to standard wicking fabrics.

“We are dedicated to providing US mattress makers with ticking fabrics featuring distinctive designs and delivering superior feel that will stand out on showroom floors without sacrificing performance and value,” said Kann.

Known for state-of-the-art technology, superior skill in identifying, testing and sourcing raw materials, and unparalleled knowledge of textiles and apparel fabrics, FCF produces a wide array of textiles for mattress, industrial, uniform, and garment manufacturers including decorative ticking in a variety of weights and contents, as well as natural, synthetic and man-made fibers. FCF can produce mattress ticking fabrics in any pattern, weight and content, including FR, anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties.