Dow Introduces the Bedding Industry’s First Ultra Airflow and Moisture-Wicking Memory Foam Technology

Memory foam bedding seems to provide everything a consumer is looking for with its cushy, soft feel that forms to the body. However, the traditional closed cell foam structure traps heat and moisture which increases the body temperature, creating an uncomfortable sleep environment. This no longer has to be the case with Dow's newest material: Dow ComfortScience VORA Zzz Ultra High Airflow and Moisture-Wicking Foam Technology - a revolutionary foam that promises cooler temperatures and less tossing and turning.

Delivering a consumer solution for hot sleepers who are looking for the contouring comfort of foam, this Dow polyurethane innovation provides increased airflow and quick moisture-wicking capabilities resulting in better heat and moisture disbursement.

“Multiple medical studies show the link between a good night’s sleep and positive health benefits,” said Doug Todd, Marketing Director, Dow Polyurethanes. “Putting our material science know-how to work, we developed a novel product for mattresses to provide a more restful, deeper sleep.”

VORA Zzz Ultra High Airflow and Moisture-Wicking Foam Technology was recently nominated as one of three finalists for the 2016 Polyurethane Innovation Award at the annual Center of Polyurethane Industry (CPI) conference. Todd presented Dow’s technology during the Opening Session on Sept. 26 at the Baltimore Hilton. Each conference attendee will have the opportunity to vote for one finalist and the winner will be announced at the conference’s Closing Session on Sept. 28.

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