Comfort Revolution Maximizes Cooling Benefits With Advanced Technologies From Dow Polyurethanes

Comfort Revolution has partnered with Dow Polyurethanes, a leader in foaming and gel technologies, to develop a truly innovative solution to a common sleep problem. Combining the comfort and support of a memory foam pillow with advanced temperature regulation technologies, Comfort Revolution’s Hydraluxe Cooling Gel Pillow portfolio is designed to deliver a cooling, restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

According to the 2012 Bedroom Poll by the National Sleep Foundation, over 90 percent of respondents said that having a comfortable mattress and pillows were important to getting a good night’s sleep. With consumers continuing to make their sleeping environment a priority, Dow Polyurethanes is committed to using science to create new technologies that can help them attain quality sleep.

“Dow Polyurethanes seeks to improve the way we spend our time awake by redefining sleep. Using practical, proven science from Dow Polyurethanes we have created a product that helps offer the temperature perfect sleep,” said Alan Robinson, Dow Polyurethanes North American marketing manager. “With the summer heat upon us, the innovative pillow with cooling gel will help sleepers remain cool and prevent a fitful night of tossing, turning.”

Dow solutions VORALUX Polyol and HYPERLAST materials helped Comfort Revolution create a differentiated product made from proprietary technology. The unique foam chemistry enhances the sensory experience with a soft gel that’s not only cool but also comfortable. The layer of Hydraluxe cooling gel enables an ideal sleep temperature, while the viscoelastic polyurethane foam cradles the head and neck for advanced muscle relaxation no matter the sleep position. To further enhance the experience, Comfort Revolution uses an odor-free adhesive to fuse the gel layer to the memory foam.

While traditional pillows exclusively tout head and neck support, this revolutionary technology is expanding consumer expectations to include temperature control as well. In independent studies, the Hydraluxe pillow exhibited the lowest thermal conductivity properties and stayed cooler throughout the night when compared to sample pillows.

“The cool gel over memory foam is a novel solution to achieve a temperature perfect sleep. The Hydraluxe pillow helps redefine the sleeping experience for healthier living,” said Michael Fux, founder and CEO of Comfort Revolution. “Our goal is to redefine sleep in a way that transforms how people experience their time awake. Good nights turn into great days.”

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