Au Naturale: The Benefits of Wool and Cotton

While the mattress industry is constantly introducing new and innovative materials, two in particular have stood the test of time. Manufacturers have incorporated wool and cotton, which are known for their comfort and longevity into mattresses and bedding accessories, since the industry began. And, a growing number of consumers want furnishings that contain natural fibers. Thus, cotton and wool continue to be the natural choice.

Wool and cotton have specific benefits that make them suitable for use across many industries. They are naturally hypoallergenic and deter dust mites, mold, and mildew, a major selling point for many consumers. They also regulate body temperature; cotton is lightweight and perfect for summer-wear while wool provides and retains warmth in winter. They also wick moisture away from the body. Wool also has the advantage of being naturally flame resistant with an extremely high ignition temperature.

Many venerable mattress companies have long history of using cotton and wool, including such as Shifman Mattress Company (since 1893), Gold Bond Mattresses (since 1899) and Vi-Spring (since 1901). Not only do both Shifman and Gold Bond garnett their own cotton, Shifman uses up to 83 pounds of cotton in their mattresses, along with other natural products, including the highest quality natural latex foam, angora, cashmere, silk, and New Zealand wool.

Vi-Spring, which recently expanded its operations to United States and Canada uses silk, cashmere, Platinum British wool and Shetland wool as well as Turkish cotton, long stand horse tail, alpaca, mohair, silk, cashmere, bamboo, coir, flax, and more in its products. Less than 2% of thecompany’s filling is made up of synthetic material. Meeting US fire safety standards without the need to treat its materials with chemicals, the company offers a natural solution without sacrificing quality or luxury.

Like these companies, which were each founded more than a century ago, companies such as E.S. Kluft and OMI bring a new generation of natural materials to the industry. With luxury "Prima" Cotton Belgian Jacquard damask, and over 10 pounds of Joma wool, cashmere, and mohair, E.S. Kluft's innovative Aireloom mattresses reflect generations of knowledge about wool and cotton and pair it with the latest products, creations, and ideas to be found on the showroom floor.

Sleep & Beyond, which, focuses primarily on sleep accessories continues to see the benefits of using Merino wool from their own sheep. The company takes many steps to regulate the production of their wool. From the type of feed given to their sheep, to using natural packaging, the company's pillows, toppers, and comforters are carefully manufactured to ensure wool’s natural benefits come through in each product they make.

As the mattress industry continues to develop or adopt the latest innovations, technologies, and synthetic materials, many companies will continue, remaining true to their roots, featuring and marketing the renowned benefits of natural products such as cotton and wool.