37.5 Technology Delivers Advanced Temperature Regulation To The Bedding Category

Cocona Inc. is generating continued sales successes with its 37.5 Technology, a technical textile designed to manage and maintain an individual’s optimal core temperature. In the past year, the company has garnered a series of milestone contracts with well-known sleep and bedding brands using the technology, including SleepNumber and Pottery Barn. Representing a year on year growth of 80%, 37.5 Technology’s new business marks a significant reach into the home textiles sector.

The technical textile brand has long supplied outdoor apparel companies as well as fashion leaders with its temperature regulating materials. By delivering the same benefits as in the high-performance clothing - moisture management, next-to-skin comfort and microclimate regulation - 37.5 technology can also ensure a more comfortable night sleep by keeping humidity and temperature at optimum comfort levels.

Developed for high-performance athletic and sportswear, 37.5 Technology has been shown by Inside Climate in Munich and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) to significantly reduce the humidity within a bedding microclimate. It works by infusing fabric and fill with naturally activated minerals, which continuously adjust to ensure personal comfort. The advanced climate control of 37.5 technology performs far beyond traditional wicking by managing moisture to maintain an ideal microclimate under bedding all through the night.

“Room temperature and humidity play a role but it’s actually the personal microclimate created in bedding that determines comfort,” explained 37.5 founder and CTO, Dr. Greg Haggquist, “and if a consumer shares a bed, that microclimate might be quite different to that of their partner, exacerbating the problem. Effective management of both heat and moisture is essential to good sleep and bedding materials have a great impact on the human body’s ability to stay in balance - especially when that balance is slightly different from that of a person’s bed partner.”

Bedding made with 37.5 Technology actively removes excess heat and moisture vapor on-demand to maintain an optimum comfort zone, allowing individuals to enjoy deeper, longer periods of sleep. In third-party field-testing with the 37.5 sleep system, participants spent twice the time in the comfort zone than in the identical bedding without 37.5 Technology. Additionally, bedding made with 37.5 Technology dries faster than other bedding, drastically reducing energy used in the laundering process. Rather than washing out, the active particles are permanent. In fact, they are refreshed each time they are laundered.

“There is no longer any need for sleepers to be woken up by shivers or sweats,” Haggquist concluded. “By using a 37.5 Technology sleep system from any of our brand partners, sleepers can ensure that the personalized climate above their skin will be warmed when they are cold and cooled when they are warm, no matter the season.”

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