XSENSOR Releases New Sales Statistics

The latest retailer sales report is in and XSENSOR Technology Corporation reports that mattress retailers’ benefit greatly when RSAs use their REVEAL mattress recommendation system. XSENSOR released new sales statistics and experiences from mattress retail clients that use the REVEAL mattress recommendation systems.

Company executives say that the REVEAL system takes the guesswork out of the sale. The company’s body pressure mapping tool helps customers find the most comfortable and supportive mattress for their body. Highly accurate, the pressure imaging technology educates customers with a dynamic, image of the consumers’ body impression as its measured on a mattress. This approach helps calm uncertainty and confusion by providing real-time insights. The system helps RSAs ensure their customers that they have found the right mattress. This confidence leads to faster decision-making and fewer returns.

XSENSOR reports that its retail clients and manufacturers have found that the REVEAL system has helped improve store performance in a multitude of different ways. The three-step software process guides salespeople and customers through mattress fitting to provide a more consistent selling process and create a better shopping experience. By culling down the number of mattress options based on the customers’ sleep profile and price-point, REVEAL simplifies the rest-test process. Because the system provides an unbiased recommendation for the type of mattress most suitable for customers’ comfort and support needs, it builds consumer confidence and increases the likelihood of a purchase. One of XSENSOR’s retail partners explains that the system has been beneficial in increasing salesperson credibility and expertise by bringing “the medical field into play and how pressure point relief is important to mattress selection. Now customers can select a mattress that’s best for their body type, not based on what initially feels good.”

Customers who are confident they have found the right mattress for their body are more likely to purchase sooner. This, in turn, yields higher closing rates: some retailers have seeing closing rates increase to around 100%, average unit selling price increase by more than 30% and product returns drop by 50%. This level of customer satisfaction helps retailers attract more in-store traffic through positive word of mouth; customers that are happy with their REVEAL experience and purchase are more likely to tell their friends and family about their unique shopping experience.

REVEAL also offers customized branding and recommendation opportunities to strength and reinforce branding and sales processes.

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