Wright Global Graphics Unveils Innovative Mattress Branding Solutions

Wright Global Graphics (WGG), an innovative marketing and branding support service provider, featured Wright Tailored and FiberTEC mattress branding products at the winter Las Vegas Furniture Market. Engineered, designed and tested for the mattress industry, these two products offer Wright’s clients a dynamic look and a fresh approach to branding.

Wright Tailored is a customizable, curated top-of-bed point-of-purchase collection designed to enhance the retail presence. Each piece is constructed of high-quality fabric, tested for colorfastness, and made in Wright Global Graphics’ own shop by its talented and caring team. Designed around an engineered production flow for enhanced efficiency, Wright Tailored offers a seven-day turn on most orders.

FiberTEC labels offer a unique visual appeal usually found in the apparel industry. These labels are flexible, soft, dimensional and can be used on both traditional and compressible beds.

“When our customers told us they need something new, beautiful, and innovative, we challenged our best talent to generate something different. We engineered these two products that allow clients to stand out in the extremely competitive bedding market, and we are happy to say that our clients are delighted with what we have created,” said Don Wright, Chief Strategic Officer. “Each of these products help our clients create more interesting, durable, and customized looks, enabling them to meet their unique branding needs.”

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About Wright Global Graphics: Built on a foundation of creativity and craftsmanship, and the belief that ‘a promise made is a promise kept’, family-owned Wright Global Graphics takes a holistic approach to provide its customers with fresh, unique designs, state-of-the-art production, and quality manufacturing that delivers memorable branding. With four U.S. facilities, as well as a plant in China, the company consistently delivers on its mission to be the leading provider of award-winning graphic solutions.