Wright Global Graphics Introduces Dynamic DomeTEC POP

Wright Global Graphics introduced DomeTEC, a cost effective and visually dynamic alternative to embroidered Point-of-Purchase materials at the recent International Sleep Products Association Expo. DomeTEC can be applied to almost any surface, and features an embossed metallic look while maintaining a soft, flexible feel.

Highly versatile, DomeTEC can be developed as a brand label or an enhancement to any top-of-bed product. It also can be a replacement to an embroidered border. With an unlimited color palette and more design flexibility than traditional embroidery, DomeTEC ensures product will stand out on a crowded showroom floor.

“For over 50 years, we have been bringing our customers innovative branding solutions to help them sell more products. From using cutting-edge interactive technologies to effectively communicate features and benefits, to adding light and sound to help attract attention, each interaction we help develop is created to captivate consumers from the moment they walk onto the showroom floor. Displays, top-of-bed or any border branding treatment using the DomeTEC application will be sure to attract consumers to product. DomeTEC’s unique dimensional qualities and ability to capture and reflect light in the showroom create a strong visual impact,” said Senior Vice President of Business Development & Chairman of the Board Don Wright. “Created to be a unique alternative to traditional POP and Branding, the visual impact of products designed using the DomeTEC is stronger than traditional embroidery and standard printing techniques. I always say, ‘To sell the product you have to get them to the product.’”

Implementing a “Powered by Bright Ideas” theme, Wright’s full line of advanced POP solutions includes stylish headboards and unique, complimentary top-of-bed that are part of the Express Showroom Solutions program, a fully customizable top-of-bed and display branding solution that is available to be shipped in just 10 days.

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