Wright Global Graphics Increases U.S. Manufacturing Capabilities By 40 Percent

Over the course of last few months, the mattress industry has experienced significant supply chain disruptions, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to address this pressing issue and better serve its partners, Wright Global Graphics (WGG) recently made the decision to expand its U.S. production resources by 40 percent. Since 2004, WGG has operated four domestic plants and now—in response to the challenges created by the pandemic—it is growing its U.S. manufacturing capabilities by adding more looms and DomeTEC machines.

As it has for many industries across the globe, COVID-19 exposed inadequacies in the bedding industry’s approach to manufacturing and supply chain logistics. WGG’s domestic production increases allow the company to quickly adapt to market demands, especially for the most popular branding items such as woven labels, top-of-bed point-of-purchase and dimensional badges.

“Early into the pandemic, we recognized that many of our industry colleagues were being negatively impacted by trade limitations put in place to protect U.S. citizens from COVID-19,” said WGG President Greg Wright. “We have always had production facilities in both the U.S. and abroad and we source many of our materials from both U.S. and foreign producers. By expanding our capabilities domestically, we are able to offer our customers an alternative and uninterrupted source of supply and the flexibility to adapt and meet the demands of a changing market.”

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