Wright Global Graphics Elevates The In-Store Experience With Creative Point-Of-Sale Options

Wright Global Graphics has taken center stage to heighten the in-store consumer experience for bedding and home furnishings retailers through its innovative point-of-sale materials. With eye-catching signage and professionally printed banners, the company works to make showroom floors pop with additional interest and needed information.

“The in-store experience is a critical connection in a consumer’s decision making when it comes to buying home furnishings,” said President and CEO Greg Wright. “We’re committed to offering compelling display props and signs that capture shoppers’ attention, issue a call to action and motivate them to buy.”

Wright’s Showroom Solutions program includes a wealth of offerings including creative hang tags, posters, custom fixtures, kiosks, window graphics, wall units and more. Each of the company’s physical enhancements easily ties into Wright’s RetailLive, an app that marries the physical with a digital strategy. By incorporating QR codes or NFC chip technology into showroom collateral, Wright gives consumers a mobile means of searching for additional information and offers an interactive experience about a product or the retailer.

“The retail environment allows retailers to set themselves apart from the competition, and we’ve got retailers covered,” Wright said. “We understand retail and the need to transform an OK space into an awe-inspiring venue that touts the retail brand for consumers, and we can make it interactive for those tech-savvy shoppers.”

Wright Global Graphics Showroom SolutionsWright Global Graphics has built its business and reputation on collaborating with its industry clients and sharing its wealth of knowledge and experience in what sales floor materials work best at capturing consumers. Recently, the company worked closely with Sleep Train to create a range of in-store collateral that enhance the product on the showroom floor, educate consumers and promote special sales events.

“We’ve found that by adding creative materials throughout our showrooms we are able to bring the product to life and grab the attention of the consumer,” said Valarie Wadman, Branding Market Manager for Mattress Firm Family of Brands, the parent company of Sleep Train. “Whenever we tie in our in-store messaging with our television advertising to create a consistent, familiar tale, the more successful we are. The banners and stand signs from Wright Global Graphics pull it all together in a creative, visually appealing manner that captures our customers’ attention.”