Wright Global Graphics Brings Imprint Innovations To The Mattress Industry

Through a new partnership with Fiberlok Technologies, Wright Global Graphics (WGG) is bringing patented, dimensional graphics to the mattress industry. With a reputation for unique non-embroidered, dimensional graphics, Fiberlok’s comprehensive portfolio combines the precision and speed of ink-printed graphics with the rich dimension of embroidery in one solution.

“We are pleased to offer yet another great branding solution to the mattress industry,” said WGG Chair and Chief Strategy Officer Don Wright. “Fiberlok’s products have been featured at major sporting events, and on global brand apparel, worldwide delivery company uniforms, top tier police outerwear, and leading entertainment costumes. By utilizing its extensive experience in apparel, we will be able to offer our customers limitless color design options as well as unique dimensional branding products for mattress design.”

The partnership allows WGG to introduce four new imprint innovations—Lextra, Lextra 3-D, Lextra 4-D and ColorCrest—to the bedding and mattress sector. Providing higher-impact design reproduction, Lextra dimensional grapics offer the ability to replicate color gradients, fades, simulated textures and allow for precise color matching. Reproducing fine design details with a soft, all-flock texture, Lextra graphics are also available in a 3-D, 4-D and ColorCrest versions. Lextra 3-D combines the Lextra process with a single-color, high-luster woven textile in “windows” for contrast and greater dimensional impact, while Lextra 4-D combines the original Lextra with a digitally printed image on one of three textile inserts. Finally, the most affordable option in the portfolio, ColorCrest, provides a single-color flocking program selected from a set color palette.

“This is the perfect partnership. Wright Global Graphics has a long history in innovative and award-winning branding solutions in the mattress space,” said FiberLok Technologies President A.J. Steger. “Mattress manufacturers are looking to design product that will stand out on a showroom floor and our patented dimensional graphics can help them do just that.”

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