Wright Global Graphics Brings Cross-Industry Experience

In today’s overcrowded mattress market, it’s the details that set brands apart and grab the attention of consumers. Perhaps no one understands this quite so deeply as the team at Wright Global Graphics, a company working to develop high-impact branding for its partners everyday. From craft distilling and beer to floor covering to outdoor sports and of course, the mattress industry, Wright Global Graphics boasts an expansive resume of branding projects. As such, Wright Global offers its partners fully outside-of-the-box thinking inspired by a variety of industries, product and packaging types. The company’s diverse array of experience gives it a unique perspective, and the dedication and passion of the Wright team make it an ideal partner in graphics for manufacturers and retailers alike.

With a long history and a strong reputation for creative branding solutions, Wright has been offering its innovative, full-service support since 1961. Don Wright, chief strategy officer, elaborates, “We started in 1961. Owning a business was a dream my father and his brother had growing up. My dad and uncle studied printing in college. My dad started it then quickly invited his brother Tom to join. Our very first customer was Capel Rugs. So it was always kind of a home furnishings focus from the beginning and it’s continued to take off and expand from there.”

Marketing_Wright WGG-3730It wasn’t until much later that the company began to dabble in labeling for wine and eventually spirits. On the surface, the marketing and labelling of beverages has little, if anything, to do with that of mattresses. But when you dig a little deeper, the two industries share some similar design challenges. Namely, the two industries both produce products that are hard to tell apart at first glance without compelling branding and distinctive messaging. Wright expanded on this particular conundrum when musing about how the company’s work in beverages specifically correlates with the company’s approach to mattresses. He explained: 

Marketing_Wright WGG-3694“If you go into a mattress store, there may be around 10 brands on the floor at one time. You go into a liquor store, there’s two hundred. A bottle of brown liquor is no different than the beige, white rectangles that sold in a mattress store. No one really knows what’s in it and no one really knows what the experience will be just by looking at it.” He went on to capture a bit of Wright Global’s ethos, “We feel that how you brand that product on the physical product facilitates that critical moment where the consumer makes a decision to try that product. That’s the philosophy we take when we approach all of our branding across all the industries we work in.”

For Wright Global, product differentiation is key and leads to clear and precise brand recognition. And, the team’s experience in even more crowded markets than bedding and mattresses gives it a discerning eye for purposeful novelty.

One of Wright Global’s latest offerings is a polyurethane product called DomeTec. This synthetic labeling material can be molded into soft, flexible labels that can imitate just about any texture, including metal. A current favorite technique Wright is using across industries is foil stamping on DomeTec. This eye-catching technique paired with the malleable nature of the DomeTec material allows the company to translate some of its whiskey designs into the bedding and mattress industry—the DomeTec is fully compressible and when used to create metallic labels really draws the eye.

Wright Global has always been on the forefront of new technologies. When it first stepped into the home furnishings and mattress industry, most mattress companies were using woven labels. But rather than hopping onto the bandwagon, company founders Bill and Tom Wright forged a different path. The brothers adopted a satin printing process instead, creating a striking yet easy-to-implement label option that was completely fresh. Today, Wright has come full circle—while the company still considers itself to be a satin printing expert, woven labels are in demand again. And, as with DomeTec, the company continually seeks out new techniques and materials to incorporate into its slate of available solutions.

Using its diverse industry perspective as well as the performance testing of its products to inform its approach, the Wright team is always on the lookout for unique materials. It takes a detail oriented view when collaborating with its clients to determine label placement, colors and textures for any given product. Wright understands the value of these nuances.

The company’s VP of Marketing, Vicki Fishman explained further, “We do a lot of performance testing on our products, many companies require us to document and report so we do that quite a bit. And we do this across all the markets that we serve. So the experience we gain in one market has really helped us in others.”

In this way, Wright Global is continually evolving and utilizing each new partnership to grow as a company and build upon its cutting-edge design prowess. As a company, its wide-ranging expertise and openness to new projects and industries has become a true asset. In the words of Don Wright, “Anytime you have a broader view of the market, a broader view of various demographic segments, and a broader view of consumer response triggers, I think it just makes you better at what you do.”

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