Wright Global Graphic Solutions “Lights Up” Point-Of-Purchase

The North Carolina-based Wright Global Graphic Solutions is lighting up retail showrooms with a new series of point-of-purchase displays. Wright designed patent-pending foot protectors using energy efficient LED lights embedded into the fabric, a cost-effective way to help products stand out on the showroom floor.

Wright Global Graphics lighted foot protectorThe new foot protectors not only dress and protect the mattress, they integrate lighting elements which can be programmed to illuminate specific features in sequence or to blink on and off, adding light and motion to the branding story.

“Research indicates that adding light to any product display increases customer engagement by 68%, making it a very cost effective way to attract consumers to a product. Savvy retailers and manufacturers know it is extremely important to capture the attention of shoppers while they are in the decision making process,” said Senior Vice President, Business Development & Chairman of the Board, Don Wright. “These foot protectors are an innovative extension to our popular lighted display systems and another example of the many creative solutions for which our company is known.”

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