WorldBed Studio Enters Market With ComfortTop Mattress Line and Person-For-Person Donations

With a similar mission of organizations such as TOMS, Warby Parker and Pepsi Refresh, WorldBed Studio (WBS) enters the market as the first Commercial Co-venture in the bedding industry. Established in 2012, WBS mattresses have a charitable contribution built-in so the retailer can effortlessly integrate compassionate consumerism. With every purchase, WBS will automatically make a donation to its affiliated charity, WorldBed, Inc., an international non-profit that provides various mattress related products to those in need.

Directed by the consumer, each donation is provided to one of the charity’s five ongoing initiatives: disaster relief efforts, U.S. homeless shelters, third-world healthcare facility support, military support abroad or a monetary donation to Youth Rescue and Transformation activities benefiting Africans affected by AIDS.

Recently launching its three line, 15 mattress product launch of the patent-pending “ComfortTop” mattresses, WBS’ mattresses boast reinforced edging for better support and an eye-catching silhouette that promises to stand out on the retail sales floor. The contemporary collection includes the Base Comfort, Extended Comfort and Shared Comfort models, with retail price points ranging from $599 to $3,399.

More than just a pillow-top, the fresh ComfortTop is tailored for comfort because of cavities built into the sewn cover. Additionally, the size of the sleep surface has been increased with the top layers suspended from edge-to-edge in a unique manner, creating firm, supportive edges that provide unmatched consumer safety and security. The mid-level Extended Comfort line offers superior quality materials at $999.99 price points and a streamlined gifting program while the Base Comfort collection rounds out the merchandising program with lesser donations also given to the charity. Foundations, adjustable bases and pillows are also available.

WBS is supporting the launch with the “Shared Comfort Experience” consumer promotion that includes a ‘built-in’ charitable gift with every mattress purchased, compelling point of purchase displays to qualifying dealers within exclusive territories, a robust social media program and Third World personal experiences as relationship incentives.

Moreover, WorldBed Studio sponsors “drop” events connected with WorldBed gift product distribution to provide RSA’s an opportunity for direct participation in the third world countries, further enhancing the Shared Comfort experience while delivering life altering personal experiences as relationship incentives.

“Our program generates strong margins even though it includes the cost of an embedded gift,” said David Farley, bedding veteran, charity founder, and current consultant to WBS, “The gifting can be a competitive differentiator to support selling ‘ComfortTop’ against any brand. It can also improve store closing rates as gifting gives RSA’s a new way to connect with consumers and expand the conversation.”

“Everyone involved, from design and inspiration, to the retailer and end-users, and even beyond, to the gift recipients, become part of the ‘Shared Comfort Experience,’ impacting health and the quality of life around the world,” said Farley.

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