Why Mobile Communication Is Key In Retail

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While text communication has long been touted as an important avenue through which to connect with consumers, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how valuable mobile messaging really is and how much customers appreciate it.

Surveys show that time spent on mobile devices has grown 30% during the pandemic and some retailers are even seeing 100% open-rates on text messages. Below are some key benefits of integrating mobile communication into your communication and customer service strategy:

Cut Through The Noise

While email remains a valuable tool for communicating with and marketing to customers, it’s important to remember that shoppers are inundated with email messages every day. Text messaging delivers a message or notification directly to where your customers live: on their phones. Though the popularity of SMS use by businesses may be growing, many are not yet utilizing this mode of communication—which allows those that are to more easily cut through the noise.

Offer Omnichannel Convenience

For many consumers (especially the younger ones), arranging an appointment or receiving a discount in a text message is simple, easy and convenient. The key to an omnichannel strategy is making sure you are meeting different demographics within your target audience where they are. Older customers may prefer phone calls, but younger customers would much rather hear from you via text. Bringing text messaging into your mix allows you to offer your customers the most convenient communication mode for them.

Provide Safe Options

As we remain in a pandemic, safety is of the utmost importance and text messaging is a stellar way to keep things contactless. And, if you’ve gone appointment-only for rest-testing your mattresses, texting makes it easy to facilitate appointment scheduling and reminders.

Cut Costs

Phone calls cost dollars per conversation; texts cost pennies. While you most likely still need to offer both, many customers will choose texting over calling—which saves everyone time and saves your business money.

Gain Feedback

When consumers have the ability to provide feedback on the go, you’re more likely to receive reviews. Sending an automated text request for a review immediately following a transaction can definitely help your business rack up more reviews quickly. The key here is making it simple for the customer to share their feedback. Keeping polls to under three questions and delivering the ask via text are two ways to expedite the process.

These are just a few reasons why offering your customers the option to text with your business is crucial to success in the market today. It’s not only cost-effective and simple, but will likely improve the experience your customers have with your business.

Opt-In makes it easy for retailers to integrate text messaging into their communication strategy. Offering integration into both Google and Outlook Calendar, Opt-in enables store owners to use these familiar platforms to schedule text appointments and delivery reminders. Retailers can also choose to add an automated poll and receive valuable feedback from customers via two-way texting, while increasing reviews on Google, Facebook or Yelp.

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