What’s Old is New at Shifman Mattress Company

To celebrate its 120th anniversary in 2013, Shifman Mattress Company will introduce, a new marketing program and its new Vintage Collection at High Point Market.

Founded in 1893, Shifman, which is based in Newark, New Jersey, has built a long-standing reputation for handcrafting mattresses that feature natural materials, hand-tufting, and eight-way hand-tied box springs. Each Shifman mattress is handmade by more than 50 craftspeople. The hand-tufting technique locks in each layer to prevent shifting, while the box springs are hand-tied with hourglass upholstery coils and tied with imported Italian twine, which provides a high level of support and durability. Shifman uses all-natural latex and cotton, processed on-site to maintain its quality standards, and adheres to strict environmental guidelines when sourcing lumber for its premium box springs. Additionally, the company is committed to continuing its tradition of manufacturing two-sided mattresses, which can be flipped, over time, and, as a result, last at least two times as long as a one-sided mattress.

Bill Hammer, Shifman’s president is very optimistic about this fall’s High Point Market. “High Point Market has become a fantastic way for us to connect with our existing customers and also attract new dealers,” he explains. “It gives us the opportunity to further distinguish Shifman as a mattress brand that offers superior quality, comfort, value, and customer satisfaction. Exclusivity has always been one of the advantages of carrying Shifman mattresses and, due to our limited distribution network, each and every one of our dealers is unique.”

In celebration of its anniversary, Shifman will present a special marketing program to its dealers at High Point Market. The program includes an additional advertising expenditure that uses new marketing strategies and helps spread awareness about the Shifman brand. “Our primary focus has always been about manufacturing the finest handmade mattresses in the world. Celebrating our upcoming 120th anniversary emphasizes our hard work and relentless commitment to quality,” Hammer adds.

The advertising package will go above and beyond Shifman’s traditional print campaign, featuring an increased online presence, radio marketing and more informative direct mailers, all of which showcase Shifman’s legacy and tout increased anniversary product savings.

In addition to its enhanced marketing program, Shifman will introduce the Vintage Collection, which combines modern elegance with time-honored construction. This collection exemplifies the quality of the Shifman brand and the heritage of the company. The company prides itself on over a century of tradition and continues to proudly handcraft its mattresses.

According to Mike Hammer, Shifman’s CEO, “Shifman’s philosophy has been about making a product with which the customer will always be satisfied. For 120 years, Shifman has maintained the same uncompromising standards for quality, attention to detail and long-lasting comfort, making Shifman the premier bedding manufacturer. Our commitment to a superior product is exactly why Shifman mattresses are sold only at America’s finest furniture stores.”

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