Vispring Spotlights New In-Store Marketing Concept

Vispring is unveiling a new 1,996 square foot showroom at Winter Las Vegas Market as part of an overall marketing strategy to strengthen and grow the brand’s presence and distribution in the US. In addition to highlighting the company’s full range of individual products, the showroom transformation gives Vispring more space to embody a new in-store concept that illustrates its unique brand image.

The new Vispring showroom has been carefully curated to compliment the joy when buying a new mattress. The corporate colors are in a powerful yellow to symbolize the warmth, energy and positivity of the sun, while the bed area uses a palette of light greys to create the soft, relaxed tone desired in a bedroom. The overall look and feel of the new space will reflect and reinforce Vispring’s position as a leader in the mattress sector.

“Vispring is thrilled to be at the heart of the trade business sector at Las Vegas Market,” explained Hugh Landes, Vispring National Sales Director. “The new showroom will capture the refreshed brand image and marketing strategy highlighting our investment in making the US a key market for growth in our 2017 campaign.”

Apart from showcasing the company’s full product range, the enhanced showroom will also include a workshop area. This unique feature allows retailers to engage with the Vispring materials and key sale tools. The company will further spotlight the brand’s customization capabilities by offering live demonstrations from an expert side-stitcher during the winter market. This will give retailers the chance to experience the Vispring craftsmanship firsthand, offering a closer look at the skill, natural fillings and detailing that goes into every bespoke mattress.

“As a brand that has been around since 1901, it is always pleasing to be able to refresh our marketing visuals while still maintaining and portraying the Vispring story,” Landes continued. “Each mattress offers unique qualities to be discovered, from our top-of-the line mattresses to our opening price point models. As a luxury brand, it is essential that we have the ability to present our products and brand in a comprehensive way.”