Tips For Building A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

This article originally appeared in Sleep Retailer eNews on November 30, 2017

Digital marketing is a crucial part of any marketing mix. In today’s cluttered web space, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to cut through the noise and reach their intended audience via display advertising alone. What prospective buyers want is to interact with or gain information from brands before they invest in them. Content marketing is a valuable opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s character and value to your customers before they ever enter a store.

Content marketing is shared content (images, videos, blog articles, social media and even podcasts) that stimulates interest in a product or service but does not directly promote a brand. This form of engagement builds awareness of your store and what it offers consumers by providing useful information or memorable entertainment.

In the mattress and bedding sector, online brands are leading the way when it comes to content marketing. Since their main and often only access point to consumers is through the web, they’ve built their brands on online content and promotion. Mattress start-up Casper has just about tried it all when it comes to content - and they’ve had fun with it too. Retailers can gain valuable expertise by studying the brand’s content marketing strategy.

Over the past few years, Casper has run several online publications including Pillow TalkVan Winkles (which has since shut down) and launched a new print publication called Woolly. Additionally, the company has gotten creative with Instagram and Snapchat, meeting young consumers where they live – on their phones.

Some traditional manufacturers have also recognized that their retail partners have a need for digital content and are working to support those efforts. For example, Restonic shares strong blog content, while King Koil provides retailers with strong SEO and SEM content to post on their sites. These are only a few examples from the growing list of manufacturers considering content marketing and digital strategy as they support their retail partners.

A strong retail content marketing example, Mattress Firm runs The Daily Doze and maintains a consistent social media presence. However, you don’t have to be a large chain store to successfully develop online content strategy. Below are a few keys to keep in mind as you start to carve out a space for your retail location on the web:

Content Keys 

  • Develop a Voice and Use it to Stand Out – Effective brands have specific personas and aesthetic themes that reflect the values of the company. They keep their intended audience in mind when developing their voice and use content to clearly express it. Content can and should be funny, interesting or informative.
  • Push Out a Consistent Amount of Content –Effective content comes in a variety of media formats (image, video, audio, written, etc.) and is released consistently and across more than one platform so consumers can interact with a brand multiple times.
  • Consider Mobile – Keep in mind that many of your readers and followers will be experiencing your content on a mobile device.
  • Be the Consumer – Keep your eyes open, absorb tactics other brands use online that pique your interest as a consumer then add them to your repertoire.

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