Thomashilfen Launches New Website

Thomashilfen recently launched a new dedicated website for its Thevo Bed collection. In addition to showcasing the company’s ThevoRelief therapeutic mattresses, the site also spotlights a variety of other products in its portfolio including the ThevoRelax neck pillow and Protective Mattress Cover.

Thomashilfen’s Thevo Bed is specially engineered to provide support in areas where it is essential to balance body weight. Combining a responsive suspension framework with custom-made Swiss foam, this innovative mattress provides superior comfort and support. The bed features a patented wing-spring support system that helps advance recovery, increase blood flow and ensure perfect spinal alignment regardless of sleep positioning. Thomashilfen’s unique blend of open-cell foam offers continuous airflow and essential pressure relief.

With the debut of its new website, Thomashilfen is providing mattress shoppers with an easy way to find the perfect mattress for them. It gives consumers the chance to determine the proper firmness level for their needs. Since each Thevo Bed is designed to support a specific weight range, customers can rest assured that the mattress will function at the level of excellence it was designed to reach.

Additionally, the new website features a robust “reviews” tab full of customer testimonials—giving shoppers added confidence that they’re making the right choice for their sleep needs.