Tempur-Pedic Launches ‘WHY Tempur’ Videos Series

Tempur-Pedic has launched an aggressive RSA training campaign that highlights the key benefits and features that make it stand out from the rest. With an informative video series and a range of unique marketing materials, the new campaign is focused on understanding how a consumer begins to select a mattress from a sea of choices.

With so many bedding products to choose from these days, is there one technology that stands above the rest? While many of today’s consumers may know that Tempur-Pedic is the most highly recommended bed in America, the campaign aims to make sure they know why that is.

When Tempur-Pedic began selling mattresses in the U.S. 25 years ago, there was nothing on the market that compared. Today, the company continues to stand out with its unique TEMPUR material, which remains unparalleled in the memory foam mattress market.

In a new video series, Tempur-Pedic not only shows how its propriety TEMPUR material works—it also demonstrates why it’s different than its competitors. Each video includes a simple demonstration that showcases the distinct features that set Tempur-Pedic apart from any mattress on the market.

The company has zeroed in on a few key differentiators. First, the TEMPUR material is infinitely adaptable, delivering personalized comfort and support by responding to each individual’s body temperature, weight and shape. Additionally, the TEMPUR material ensures undisturbed sleep by reducing motion transfer, pressure points and tossing and turning.

Additionally, Tempur-Pedic has developed training kits to remind RSAs about the company’s competitive advantage. These kits include a demo unit, an informational handout, a branded plastic wine glass—in addition to two unique “sizzle reels.” The “Manufacturing Sizzle Reel” emphasizes the proprietary nature of Tempur material and the unique consumer benefits it provides, clearly differentiating the formula and manufacturing process from memory foam. The “Brand Sizzle Reel” demonstrates the excitement and buzz surrounding the brand—including media coverage, social media mentions and the company’s service to the community.

The Tempur-Pedic team is keeping the buzz around this exciting initiative going internally as well. The company is keeping track of the number of RSAs who have been trained using gumballs in an oversized wine glass at a Tempur-Pedic display in the company’s office. With a goal of reaching as many as 20,000 sales associates by the first quarter of 2017, Tempur-Pedic staffers have already trained more than 9,900 RSAs as part of this initiative.

This new series includes four engaging videos, which you can view now:





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