Talalay Global Launches Broad Marketing Initiative To Drive Demand

Talalay Global is bringing a major marketing initiative to Las Vegas—the company’s most comprehensive to date. The new program is dedicated to building awareness and preference for its unique Talalay product.

“It’s going to be ‘all about Talalay’ at the upcoming market and the halo effect we’ve created around it not only to support bedding producers and their retailers, but also to reach consumers with a message about its exclusive attributes,” said president and COO Kim Fisher. “It’s all about quality, which is why it’s so important to know what’s inside the beds you make or the beds you sell and what the consumer ultimately sleeps on.”

Leading the effort is a new brand position, “Talalay. Earth’s Most Perfect Sleep Material,” which is also the title of a new Talalay Global video that can be viewed online now.

“The new film lays out in dramatic, emotional footage the many reasons why Talalay truly is ‘earth’s most perfect sleep material,’” Fisher noted. “It’s healthy, pure, extremely buoyant yet conforming, and has a breathable cell structure that no foam can match. But the real message of the video has to do with the human spirit. We were put here on earth to dream, live, love and laugh, and Talalay is a gift of the earth that helps promote that spirit by providing an unmatched sleep experience.”

Additionally, the company has developed is a new video for Pure Talalay Bliss titled “I Live Totally Talalay.” Now running on YouTube, the film is designed for social media and in-store use by the company’s retail partners.

Along with the new videos, Talalay Global has developed a portfolio of new photography of both Talalay material and finished Pure Talalay Bliss beds that are intended for both Bliss retailers and OEM customers. The company will introduce new marketing materials that feature the photography in Las Vegas, along with new upscale shipping containers for Talalay Global’s toppers and pillows. Dramatic, all-red boxes and bags featuring the company’s logo will be used to ship top-of-bed accessories to consumers and retailers.      

The company is also launching a targeted radio campaign that includes full 60-second commercials plus tag-able spots focused on Talalay and Pure Talalay Bliss beds. The advertising will begin in August and run through the Labor Day holiday to the end of September.

“We’re going to be reaching consumers, as well as all of our customers, in compelling new ways this year starting in the third quarter and continuing through the end of 2017,” Fisher said.  “We’ve greatly enhanced our digital footprint and created the building blocks for marketing our products. Now we have what we need to move forward.”

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