Talalay Global Highlights American-Made Quality in New Marketing Campaign

Talalay Global is launching a compelling new marketing campaign at the summer Las Vegas Market, emphasizing the “superior quality” of its Talalay process latex and the many benefits of being the only American-based producer of Talalay.

The new messaging will appear prior to market but will be unveiled full-scale in the company’s showroom and in conspicuous exterior locations like the multi-level parking garage just outside the courtyard.

Talalay Global LogoThe campaign links the producer’s quality-focused brand position, “Purely the Best” with the additional statement “Purely American.” Both statements appear together under the Talalay Global logo, forming a single communications unit that carries the campaign’s key messages.


“Quality isn’t just what we make; it’s who we are,” explained president and COO Kim Fisher. “We’re extremely proud of our Talalay product, which is the highest quality latex available anywhere in the world. Another significant part of our identity is that we remain the first and only Talalay producer in America. Every bed component we make is manufactured in our Shelton facility by American workers who are helping drive the American dream. Our dream for the past 41 years has been for everyone to have the best sleep possible.”

Talalay Global’s Purely the Best and Purely American campaign statements will dominate a giant garage banner at market that features the stars and stripes of the American flag as a backdrop.

“The Talalay Global showroom will have American Dream-themed point-of-sale-materials like banners and bed stickers that show our manufacturing partners how they can capitalize on the campaign with their retailers,” said to Ken Hinman, executive vice president of marketing. “We’ll also offer a sneak preview of our new Talalay Global web site, which is very consumer-focused.”

The site promotes the new campaign with information about the natural, breathable benefits of Talalay latex, the exacting quality standards under which it’s produced and the multiple advantages of buying American-made products.

“Not only do we recognize that people today will pay more for quality,” Hinman noted, “we also know that poor quality costs money and it can also cost a company its reputation.”

Talalay Global, which says it will be introducing different phases of its marketing campaign over the next six months, is also inviting its customers and consumers to see how Talalay is produced.

Included throughout its marketing communications is a link to a two-minute video that spotlights the company and its Talalay manufacturing process. The film was produced by the Fox Business Network as part of its popular Manufacturing Marvels series.

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