Spring Air’s New Marketing Campaign Emphasizes Authenticity

As part of its recent rebranding efforts, Spring Air International has refreshed its logo, developed a new tagline and streamlined its approach to communicating the values and standards of the 92-year-old company.  

The company collaborated with the Los Angeles-based branding agency, FireCode, and several key stakeholders to first crystalize its core beliefs and more authentically communicate its essence by identifying its target audiences in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer space.   

“It had become evident through our research that many people didn’t fully understand that the Spring Air brand always represented a passion about sleep and delivering quality to hardworking consumers who deserve a fair deal at a great value,” explained Nick Bates, president of Spring Air. “The new tagline makes it clear that we’re all about comfort and making sure every consumer has a great night’s sleep. This new branding will keep us moving forward and all our licensees will be using the same playbook. We want to connect with everyone and deliver the best sleep solution at every price point.”


The new tagline, “That Just Right Feeling,” clearly articulates the brand’s value proposition. This distinctive message will be featured in all future corporate collateral material, as well as trade and consumer advertising. Instead of airbrushed models, the new advertising features candid photographs of real people and unruly, lived-in looking beds. This aims to speak to the hard-working, middle-class consumers who crave personalized service and will enjoy the brand’s sincere but playful tone.  

“Authenticity is a key touchpoint in our new branding approach,” Bates continued. “The new marketing materials have a distinct, real-life appeal with images that depict how people live, sleep and play. Gone are the bare mattresses, and here to stay are images that showcase how messy life can be, rumpled sheets and all.”  

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