Spring Air’s New Branding & Marketing Initiative Reinforces Company Values

Spring Air BOSTON—Spring Air introduced a comprehensive, multi-media marketing program for retailers developed specifically to promote and reinforce its brand values, key product benefits and proprietary innovations, the company announced.

The three-pronged, communications initiative focuses on Spring Air’s primary business values embodying consumer trust, proper sleep support and innovation through exclusive, patented product designs.

“This is the most complete and integrated marketing launch we’ve ever undertaken,” said company president Rick Robinson. “It encompasses virtually every touch point we can establish with our retail customers and with consumers.”

The new program uses the power of emotion, evoked through a wide range of lifestyle scenes that “speak” to women, men, families, young adults and seniors—consumers in virtually every stage of life and activity.

“We believe it’s extremely important for consumers to understand who Spring Air is and what we stand for,” Robinson said. “But we also know that to successfully communicate that, consumers first have to identify with and relate emotionally to what they’re seeing, reading or hearing about us.”

The sweeping marketing program covers every Spring Air branded line—Back Supporter® (BS), BS Perfect Balance™, BS Sleep Sense™ and the newly introduced Sleep Sense BioMax™ line—while emphasizing at the same time the company’s business tenets of trust, superior support and meaningful innovation.

Integrated in a broad range of media, the program offers three :60 in-store videos plus :20/:10 retail TV commercials; backlit wall photography and lighted information stands; video or IPad demo stations and dimensional ceiling signage; in-store product brochures and pocket cards; top-of-bed components like coordinated pillow/foot dressings, protector labels and directional border labels that point out pressure relief and back support zones, plus an extensive library of direct mail and newspaper promotional materials.

The Spring Air web site also has been redesigned to accommodate the new imagery and videos.

Each video is dedicated to one of the company’s central messages: Trust in the name and brand (home page) expressed in the supered script “We’ve grown with you and your family;” Support delivered by Back Supporter products (Back Supporter landing page), reinforced with the super “You are why we get up in the morning,” and Innovation (BioMax landing page), which emphasizes the new product’s patented design and Specialty Sleep Association’s (SSA)-documented eco-responsible components using the statement, “Spring Air…taking care of you and our planet.”

Although all of the program elements are now available to retailers, Robinson said he expects the campaign to gain significant traction and market visibility during the fourth quarter of the year.

“This is yet another major step forward for our company and brand,” he noted. “Our objective is to continue enhancing the value of what Spring Air represents today in the minds of both retailers and consumers.”

For more information visit www.springair.com.

About Spring Air: Spring Air has 13 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and operates in 33 countries globally. The company helps retailers drive business while leveraging the long reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its 85-year-old name.