Spring Air Virtually Introduces Breathe

Spring Air is continuing to innovate its new product introduction strategy with the exclusively digital launch of its four-model Breathe collection of mattresses. Coming on the heels of its announcement earlier this year to launch products at times of the year that meet its retail customers’ needs, as opposed to the trade show timing, the brand will now do all introductions digitally first.

“Through the use of our new digital world, we are now connecting with our customers on a year-round basis and on their terms, when we see a need in the market place – not during buying cycles driven by the industry’s market schedules,” said Nick Bates, president of Spring Air International. “Digital video launches allow our customers the option of adding new products when the time is right for them. It also enables buyers to share the benefits and features of new products in a more dynamic way with a broader group of executives than might have traveled to a normal market.

“The virtual component is here to stay, and we anticipate that technology will become an increasingly valuable sales tool going forward,” Bates added. “Even though the pandemic forced the postponement of markets by restricting travel for business, we didn’t miss a beat. In fact, we became more efficient in our sales process.”

Marketing Digital Launches

The company’s sales representatives will inform their customers when a new digital launch will take place. Spring Air will also use its social media platforms to highlight each new digital introduction as it debuts. Spring Air will also begin building a library of product videos, adding each digital introduction as they occur.

The Breathe digital launch is a professionally produced product video narrated by Bates. In the video, he describes the features of the new collection, including its Nano Shield technology, which reduces virus activity by 97.9% within four hours and 98.4% of bacteria within one hour. Animated graphics displaying each of the collection’s components play a key role in the video. The Breathe debut is available for retail customers to view now.

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About Spring Air

Founded in 1926, Woburn, Massachusetts-based Spring Air International is a Top 20 U.S. bedding manufacturer and widely recognized consumer brand. The company boasts of its ability to service retail customers from north to south and coast to coast in the U.S. and is produced in more than 40 countries through its international network. The company is committed to helping retailers drive business while leveraging its reputation for trust and integrity inspired by its name.