Spink & Edgar Highlights Its Luxurious History With New Website

Following the American launch of its luxury mattress line-up, Spink & Edgar recently unveiled a new website that effectively captures and communicates the nuance of the 130-year-old brand’s story. The new site highlights the British company’s long history of handcrafting beds from natural materials.

“Our main focus with the new site is not only to show off a product line that is completely unlike anything else available on today’s market,” explained CEO Mark Quinn, “but also to engage the emotional side of consumers and provide education in dispelling so much misinformation currently out there on the topic of sleep.”

To accomplish that, the company teamed up with St. Louis-based Studio C5 to create a website that incorporates original videos and an impressive collection of sleep-related blogs. Through a series of short videos, Quinn highlights the key advantages of Spink & Edgar products. One segment explains why owning a luxury mattress should be a priority to us all, while another uses simple terms to explain the recent evolution of coil technology. Elsewhere on the site, luxury mattress shoppers can get swept away by an aerial video of the company’s sixth-generation family estate in Yorkshire and take a look inside the Ellman’s factory floor where all Spink & Edgar USA products are crafted.

In addition to the video content, Spink & Edgar has also developed The Scholar—an exclusive online magazine the offers objective and informative articles on a wide range of sleeprelated topics that matter most to consumers. Within its pages, readers can find helpful information on everything from optimizing their overall sleep environment to understanding the medical link between poor sleep and weight gain.

With the new website, Spink & Edgar aims to inspire consumers to actively seek out the products at retail—meaning retail channels won’t have to invest nearly as much energy educating luxury mattress buyers on the brand. Furthermore, the short video clips have been tailored specifically to aid sales associates in communicating the brand’s message during instore product presentations.

Throughout all of these new marketing efforts, Spink & Edgar is tapping into the growing American movement towards sustainable resources. Combining British-grown wool, linen and hemp with an advanced flagship product that contains 9,000 coils and microcoils, Spink & Edgar occupies its own unique place in today’s luxury mattress space.

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