Specialty Sleep Association Formally Rolls Out Mattress Contents Labeling Program

After many months of waiting for a registered trademark, numerous board meetings and legal reviews, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is officially rolling out the new “What’s In Your Mattress?” BEDFAX Mattress Contents labeling program.

BEDFAX is a voluntary industry contents labeling program that informs a consumer of exactly what is inside a participating mattress model, including what is in the core and the cover, quilt or comfort layer.

“After years of hearing from consumers wanting to know exactly what is inside their mattress, as well as reading critical magazine and news articles demanding greater consumer transparency for mattress shoppers, we have carefully constructed a detailed ‘consumer disclosure label’ program that will in fact tell a consumer what is in her mattress,” said Dale T. Read, President of the SSA. “We welcome mattress manufacturers to participate in this valid, third-party industry verification program. This is a very reasonably priced program that offers a cost effective way for a mattress manufacturer to list their contents for a single mattress model or their entire product line if they so choose. It is a valid, third-party method for manufacturers to declare ‘What is in Your Mattress.’”

Recent studies have shown that anywhere from 30% to 70% of mattress shoppers want to know about the contents of their mattress—and several reports have shown that anywhere from 30% to 60% of mattress customers are concerned about mattress contents and health and wellness issues.

“When concerned consumers finally pressure retailers enough to fully disclose the contents of a mattresses, our contents label transparency program is available to the mattress industry,” said Read. “It is already in place.”

Unlike the now shuttered SSA Environmental & Safety Program, BEDFAX is a voluntary industry contents label program rather than a green marketing, levels or advocacy program. BEDFAX is a “contents transparency” program that allows manufacturers to file third-party testing and verification papers, explaining the exact materials composition of the participating mattress models.

“It does allow for manufacturers to make specific ‘green’ claims on the right hand side of the contents label, but they must file current, detailed certifications and testing documents that completely validate and verify the claims,” Read explained. “If a manufacturer wants to file a CertiPUR-US foam, an Oeko-Tex 100 textile or a GOTS certified organic mattress, then that manufacturer must supply all the current documentation showing a currently active verification for the claim. All documents must be current and paid in full, the dates must be right and it must apply to that specific mattress model.”

In order to assure 100% credibility under the new BEDFAX program, participating manufacturers must agree in writing in the application to allow the SSA to “pull a mattress” at retail at the manufacturers’ expense and have that participating model’s contents fully tested by a neutral, valid third-party testing laboratory for contents and supporting documentation.

Upon receipt of the application and registration of each mattress model, all third-party paperwork confirming the information will be placed on file with the SSA files. The information will then also be posted on the BEDFAX.org website for easy access to the information by consumers and retailers alike.

Visit BEDFAX.org and sleepinformation.org.