Sleep To Live Institute’s Dr. Robert Oexman Featured On E! News

The director of Kingsdown’s Sleep to Live Institute, Dr. Robert Oexman, has been featured as a sleep expert on E! News, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. Oexman gave insight on how lack of sleep has major consequences for celebrities and others with stressful lifestyles.

“One of the excuses for not getting the quantity of sleep we need is due to lack of time,” said Oexman. “Unfortunately, people often prioritize their social media usage over sleep. We also see lower melatonin levels at bed time when people use devices to view social platforms prior to sleep. This is due to the bright screens which decreases the amount of melatonin we produce.”

Oexman referenced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI), which has been shown to increase sleep better than prescription medicine. A study sponsored by Kingsdown and performed by the Research Triangle International which evaluated more than 16,000 nights of sleep and 128 subjects revealed that “even small differences in mattress support correlated with changes in sleep behaviors.

“Educating consumers on the importance of sleep and the impact it has on our health is a core component of the Kingsdown mission,” said Kingsdown President and CEO Frank Hood. “E! News reaches more than 15 million readers each month, which makes it a really effective outlet for Robert Oexman to connect with the general public to dispel common sleep myths and promote strong sleep habits.”

Oexman’s E! News story “Celebs are Sleeping Better Than You, Here’s Why,” can be viewed online here.

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About the Sleep To Live Institute: The Sleep to Live Institute is the research arm of leading bedding manufacturer Kingsdown, Inc. Through the science of sleep, the medical specialists, physicians and engineers at the STL provide the public with specific solutions to combat sleep-related issues, such as behavior, environment and sleep equipment. The Institute is committed to researching and developing real-world technologies that can benefit consumers who desire quality sleep.

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