Simmons Helps RSAs Succeed with New Website

Following a soft-launch at the winter Las Vegas Market and a beta-testing period in the months that followed, Simmons has officially launched its new website.

Designed to be a one-stop information hub for the retail sales community, Sleep houses a multimedia mix of relevant content that RSAs can leverage to strengthen their sales pitches. With content informed and inspired by real feedback from the RSAs and Simmons retail account specialists, this new site will also serve as a dialogue between the retailer and the company leaders—allowing for constructive learning and teaching on both sides.

Targeted directly to the RSA, SleepSells. com is the first manufacturer-developed site of its kind. In addition to offering in-depth information about Simmons’ products, the new site will also feature a host of brand-agnostic information that is developed to help RSA’s be more successful across all areas of their job. provides users with a wide variety of regularly updated content, organized under four main sections: Selling, Research, Simmons and Training. The site provides readers with all of the “Fundamentals” about the Simmons brand—from essential info about new Beautyrest technology, to easy-to-read guides about coils and foams, to new “Simple Facts” training videos—creating a holistic approach to brand marketing. And with brand-agnostic articles that range in focus from technology on the retail floor to the importance of sleep for seniors’ health, the content on is specifically designed to offer comprehensive and engaging information to help RSA’s succeed.

While the site homepage will be publicly accessible, readers must register and sign-in to read and interact with the majority of the content. User registration allows Simmons to tailor the access to the site for retailers and dealers—creating a “safe space” for RSA’s to comment on articles, rate content and share emails. User registration also enhances the dialogue functionality of the site, allowing Simmons to address said questions more directly and in a more complete manner. features two special sections that allow for direct dialogue. The “Ask Us” page allows users to pose questions directly to Simmons leadership—in addition to highlighting and answering the most common questions along one side of the page. The “Tell Us” section was designed for direct feedback from the RSAs, whether suggestions for the website or product ideas or any thing else, which remains private.

With a sleek look and a user-friendly de sign, is an easy-to-use resource for RSAs looking to expand their knowledge and skills. A multimedia platform of written articles, videos and infographics, the new site is intended to be as dynamic as it is informative. As user registration and RSA engagement continues to increase, Simmons hopes the site will continue to grow and evolve to better serve RSA needs.

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