Simmons Continues to Expand its High-Tech Innovations

Simmons Comforpedic iQSimmons has emerged in the bedding industry as one of the most high-tech companies, harnessing the power of innovative technologies throughout all aspects of the sales process. At the fall High Point Market, the company will spotlight its new digital marketing tools in addition to new enhancements to its ComforPedic iQ collection of smart-mattresses.

Debuted at the winter Las Vegas Market, Simmons’ ComforPedic iQ collection features a state-of-the-art system of foam chambers that continuously adapts to body movement throughout the night without the need for motors or electronics. This smart, self-adjusting mattress was found in a Temple University School of Medicine study to help participants on average fall asleep faster, spend less time lying awake and experience increased REM sleep.

In response to input from its retail partners, Simmons has unveiled the new $1,999 ComforPedic iQ 170 model, giving consumers access to high-end technology at a popular price point. This expansion “increases the line’s value on retail floors and broadens its mass appeal and accessibility,” said Anne Kozel, ComforPedic Brand Director.

This introductory model features ComforPedic iQ’s signature Smart Response Technology to adapt to body movement and a layer of Ultra Cool memory foam designed for temperature regulation. In addition to the new price point for ComforPedic iQ 170, Simmons has further expanded the line by offering consumers new comfort and plush feel options.

Furthering the brand’s commitment to technology, Simmons has also introduced a three-part, in-store tech package. A first in the mattress industry, these new digital sales tools are dedicated to helping RSAs streamline the sell and eliminate the mystery in the mattress purchase.

The star of the new tools is SIMulator, a proprietary augmented reality app that uses customized trackable POS to trigger an interactive 3-D model that breaks down the mattress layer-by-layer. This digital tool gives RSAs the ability to give customers a look “inside” the mattress at the components and technology within to increase consumers’ confidence in their purchase, thereby shortening the purchasing cycle and enabling RSAs to more easily close the sale. SIMulator is undergoing beta-tests by select dealers this fall and the app will be available for download in January 2015.

To further leverage in-store technology, Simmons is also debuting Wright Global Graphics’ new RetaiLive app. Using image recognition software in the POS, RetaiLive instantly triggers product videos and demos to give RSAs an effective, engaging way to educate consumers on the retail floor and eliminate the need for expensive in-store video displays. Simmons’ RetaiLive app is available for immediate download and compatible with the company’s flagship brands.

Rounding out the technology package is Simmons’ new short sales training videos called SIMple Facts. Designed to simplify larger, more complicated component concepts into 30-second videos focused on explaining one “big” idea, this new tool helps RSAs and consumers better understand the unique features, materials and technologies for which Simmons is known.