Shifman Unveils Major Rebranding Strategy in High Point

Shifman Mattress Company has big plans slated to debut at the fall High Point Market. The 123-year old company is refreshing the Shifman brand and sales literature, revamping its quilted product line and debuting a new multimedia co-op advertising campaign for participating retailers.

Over the past few decades, Shifman has made a series of adjustments to the corporate literature but nothing on the scale of which the company has taken for its current rebranding strategy. The company has partnered with a prominent advertising agency that is well-versed in the furniture industry to retool its communication pieces, including a new company website that will serve as the enterprise piece to distinguish Shifman online.

In addition to the new brand initiatives unveiling at market, Shifman is also launching an “outstanding line of new quilted mattresses which offer comfort, support, and value,” said Phil Zucker, General Manager for Shifman Mattress Company. The company’s quilted mattress line has been very successful for its retail partners, giving consumers luxurious quality bedding with real working boxsprings at attainable price points. The new quilted line will feature new Damask covers, corner guards and labels that will continue to distinguish the Shifman quilted line from the competition.

All of the changes made to the quilted mattress line and the Shifman brand would not prove fruitful without the engagement of the successful network of Shifman Mattress retailers nationwide. As consumers’ tastes have changed over the years, so have the means by which consumers are searching and finding retailers and their preferred brands. Driving traffic to stores requires additional layers of communication which will reach consumers where and when they are shopping for mattresses.

“We have been planning the launch of our new web site and 2017 multimedia co-op program for the past several months,” explained Bill Hammer, Shifman Mattress Company President. “We believe that these initiatives will help broaden our reach to consumers who might not otherwise have seen our messaging in traditional print media.”

As a whole, these strategies will serve to communicate the company’s commitment to offering the finest handmade mattresses to consumers at affordable price points, which remains an important and timeless quality of the Shifman brand.

Shifman Joins Brand Ambassador Kristaps Prozingis For Special Consumer Event

As part of this new brand strategy, Shifman hosted an exciting event this fall at the Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship location in New York City. Hundreds of eager New York Knicks fans stood in line at the store’s furniture sales floor line for hours for a chance to meet and receive an autograph by Shifman brand ambassador, Kristaps Porzingis.

One of the rising rookies in the NBA, Porzingis is the superstar Power Forward of the New York Knicks. Last year, he signed on to be a brand ambassador for Shifman Mattress Company. In return for being a brand ambassador, Shifman made a first-ever “Athletic King” size mattress set, which was plenty long enough to comfortably fit Porzingis 7’2” frame. Acting as the Shifman Brand Ambassador, Porzingis attended a live signing session at the Bloomingdale’s store to sign autographs for fans. What was expected to be a moderate turnout ended up being an over-the-top response by appreciative fans who were given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shake hands and receive an autographed photo of their sports hero.

shifman kristaps porzingis event

Fans of all ages waited in a rope line, which stretched from the center of the mattress sales floor to the elevators at the far end of the floor. The first 100 people in line were guaranteed autographs by Porzingis and by the end of the over-an-hour-long event, well over 150 autographs were signed along with an additional 150 pre-signed photos freely provided by Shifman Mattress Company.

“This was truly a magnificent event for both Shifman and Bloomingale’s. We have enjoyed a 29-year partnership with Bloomingdale’s satisfying customers with the finest handmade mattresses in the world,” said Shifman Mattress Company President, Bill Hammer. Based on the success of the Kristaps Porzinigis brand ambassadorship, Shifman Mattress Company intends to continue the brand ambassadorship program in the future.