SFC Announces New, Improved Website: SustainableFurnishings.org

Improvements Include Mobile Responsiveness and New Tools/Resources for Home Furnishings Professionals and Consumers Alike

The Sustainable Furnishings Council has launched a newly designed website, www.SustainableFurnishings.org, that makes timely, useful and easy-to-find resources readily available to home furnishings industry professionals and consumers. The initiative was sponsored by SFC member Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

The retooled website is mobile-responsive, dynamic, and packed with worthwhile functionality such as a store locator, product category search capability, and a design services search tool. The new Resource section is smartly arranged in five worthwhile sections: Energy Use Reduction, Waste Reduction, Health and Environmental Safety, Truth in Advertising, and Material Choices, specifically Wood, Textiles, Leather, Cushioning, and Packaging.

“SFC provides useful and practical information that helps my business make improvements that reduce our corporate environmental footprint,” explains Mitchell Gold, chairman of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. “My company cares about a healthy future and I know our customers care, so I am very pleased to have provided underwriting support for SFC's website improvement.”

“Responsive design was essential for the redesign, as more than 50 percent of people are using mobile devices regularly,” Gold explains. “We want www.SustainableFurnishings.org to be found easily, and we want the good information SFC provides to be found easily. Such information serves our entire industry, and I am proud of my company’s relationship with the Sustainable Furnishings Council.”

With web traffic fairly equally divided between industry professionals and the general public, the new website is organized to engage curious and determined consumers. “Consumers are asking how products affect their home environments,” says SFC Executive Director Susan Inglis. “We’ve found that companies who respond with transparency, and demonstrate their commitment to a healthy future, ultimately win consumers’ confidence.”

In addition to the website improvements, Inglis says SFC will be improving its communication and reach to consumers with a new to-be-launched PSA ad campaign as well as events such as the celebration of sustainable procurement in Minneapolis on July 30. A press conference and awards event to be held at SFC member Martin Patrick 3, the press conference will announce municipal sustainable procurement policies and also award leadership by retailers including Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and Room & Board.

SFC’s consumer-focused marketing milestones come at a time when more and more businesses and consumers have affirmed their concern for our environment. “They recognize the overwhelming scientific consensus that shows our world is experiencing dangerous global climate change, and SFC is steadfast and energetic in its mission to provide furniture consumers, as well as industry professionals, with the information they need to make choices that minimize carbon emissions, waste stream pollutants, unrecyclable content and primary materials from unsustainable sources,” Steve Freeman, SFC Board President says.

www.SustainableFurnishings.org, a robust and useful resource on its own, is in fact a complement to the wealth of educational programming SFC is offering trade professionals in the coming months, including a popular “Sustainable Style” tour at Las Vegas Market on Aug. 3, and GREENleaders certified sustainability training courses, which are available online and taking place live in Dallas on Nov. 19 and in Denver on Nov. 23.

For more information, please visit SustainableFurnishings.org.

About Sustainable Furnishings Council: Sustainable Furnishings Council is dedicated to promoting healthy environments inside and outside, providing the most comprehensive information on environmental, safety and health issues in the home furnishings industry and championing initiatives that improve products and processes. The SFC and its qualifying members respond to environmental and social issues and offer specific information to consumers, the media and other partners.