RSAs See Higher Closing Rates with XSENSOR’s REVEAL Technology

XSENSORXSENSOR has developed the latest in pressure mapping innovation with their new REVEAL system. Using pressure imaging technology REVEAL allows mattress retailers to easily identify the best mattress for their customers’ sleeping style.

REVEAL has been designed as an education tool that works alongside the sales associate to help them direct their customers to a comfortable new mattress, fitted to their unique body pressures. The system uses an exceptionally accurate pressure imaging system to display a dynamic, high resolution body pressure image to assist with mattress recommendations.

With 1,664 sensors, REVEAL is available in both wireless and wired versions. The technology is built for maximum flexibility and durability for all mattress retail environments.

Stephen Anstey, Director of Market Development at XSENSOR said, “The initial feedback from our retail partners who are using REVEAL have told us that this new approach to showing the comfort and support a mattress provides helps them to remove customer uncertainty and confusion leading to higher closing rates, higher average selling prices and fewer product returns.”

In addition to accurate pressure mapping, the system has a simple three-step process that easily guides salespeople through the REVEAL experience. Easy to use administrator tools including language selection, user dashboard, and custom branding provide flexible and powerful backend management. The REVEAL technology builds customer trust through its unbiased and personalized selling approach about proper mattress conformity and support to relieve pressure points. As a result, customers can be confident they have found the right mattress for their body’s pressures.