RSAs Report Strong Sales Results with the PureCare One Pillow


PureCare set out to create a new category of pillow with the February launch of One, the “Three Pieces. One Dream” pillow collection. Featuring a patented construction that works with all sleep positions, the goal was to simplify the pillow selection process and point of purchase concepts for the retail sales associates. Two of PureCare’s core customers, Sit ‘n Sleep in Southern California and Mattress Direct in Louisiana have reported extremely strong results with PureCare One in the first half of 2014.

Ty Hingle, co-owner of Mattress Direct, a 22-store chain throughout Louisiana and Mississippi, was incredibly enthusiastic about the changes that the PureCare One collection has brought to his organization.

“In the past we’ve taken a loss on pillows, approximately $9,000. a month in giveaways. But selling PureCare One, we have reversed that loss into $2,700. a month in revenues. That is something like a $13,000 per month positive impact on our bottom line all due to the PureCare One program. Your pillows stopped the bleeding of giving away free pillows. The RSA has excitement and something to sell: a real, credible story.”

Pillows were previously seen as a free add-on with mattress sales, but the PureCare One program has changed that process. “PureCare One is the most unique product to come through Mattress Direct in the seven years I’ve been here,” Myra Guillot, Vice President of Sales for Mattress Direct, explained. “Overall there is a huge increase in pillow sales. [PureCare One] absolutely drives up our numbers, making more money for the store and for the sales employees as well.”

Lori Chichoski, a sales associate at the Upland Sit ‘n Sleep, emphasized the importance of the choices involved with selling the right PureCare One pillow. “The Pure Care One is the only one of its kind on the sales floor,” said Chichoski, who likes the PureCare One pillow for its health, wellness and unique story. “Anytime you get the customer engaged, it’s a good thing,” she continued. “Our customers like to see inside something, to break it down, to understand it. Why it feels good,” referring to PureCare One’s unique display system that allows customers to experience the materials and design of the pillow.

David Wolfe, Store Manager at Sit ‘n Sleep’s Westminster, CA location mentioned choice and PureCare One’s unique sales compatibility within the popular adjustable bed segment as his reasons for the new line’s success. “When the bed is upright I suggest trying the softer side of the pillow. While the bed is flat, I suggest flipping the pillow to the harder or firmer side.”

Matt Creeks, store manager at Sit ‘n Sleep’s Burbank location, believes that a successful salesperson needs two things: a strategy and a good story. Creeks believes that the uniquely constructed latex, memory foam and gel-wrapped memory foam PureCare One pillow line comes with just that—a story line that works for his team and his customers.

Customers identify with PureCare One’s creator, Tanya Hawkins, whose inability to find the right pillow eventually lead her to create the first PureCare One prototype: an entirely new pillow concept that works for all kinds of customers. “Our customers react positively to the story. This is a story that women can connect with,” said Creeks.

“The response from retailers and consumers alike has been unbelievably gracious. Retailers are excited about the pillow category again and RSA ingenuity is fusing into presentations of PureCare One to truly capture consumer interest,” says Sean Bergman, marketing chief at PureCare. “It’s been a lot of fun strengthening our partnerships with our retailers by delivering merchandising programs that move the needle and substantially affect their bottom line, all while getting tremendous response from the customer,” he added.

PureCare is harnessing the power of Twitter to further the conversation surrounding PureCare One, asking retailers to tweet their first-hand stories of how the program has helped them succeed on the sales floor. “Social media is so important to us today, it allows us to connect with salespeople on the ground, in the store, and have a conversation that we both learn from,” Bergman added. “The more we can participate in conversations within our industry, the better we can achieve the end goal of satisfying the consumer.”