Royrack Reengineers Select-A-Mat Series To Lower Retailer Cost

Royrack is showcasing improved pricing on its innovative Select-A-Mat series of mattress racking systems at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market. By reengineering the product line, the company is now offering retailers a savings in excess of 20%.

“We have kept the same design, the same quality,” owner Roy Konrath explained, “but have added efficiencies at the manufacturing level to achieve the savings, while keeping it domestically made in the USA.”

Select-A-Mat racking systems triple the amount of mattresses displayed on retailers’ floors while delivering an improved shopping experience for the consumer by simplifying the rest-test process. This unique display is cost-effective and efficient way to maximize floor space, increasing retailers’ profit per square foot.

The Select-a-Mat system allows retailers to store mattresses of all sizes vertically right in the showroom, dramatically increasing the number of mattresses on the show room floor without increasing square footage. By doing so, retailers have more available space for additional specialty mattresses, bedding accessories and adjustable bases.

This innovative system allows the customer to easily test a mattress on their own—the rack supports the mattress as the consumers pulls it down, then supports it at bed height with retractable legs that fold out. After testing, the customer simply tips the mattress back up to restore it to its original storage placement.