Royrack Maximizes Retail Floor Space

Royrack Select-A-MatFollowing its debut at the winter market, Royrack Company will showcase its updated Select-a-Mat mattress storage and display system at the Summer Las Vegas Market, including new display concepts.

Retail businesses, both large and small, that are striving to maximize profit per square foot often utilize racks and shelves in order to efficiently display their products. The Select-a Mat system brings shelving to the bedding industry, providing the retailer efficient and cost-effective mattress storage and the retail customer a simple, easy, and safe way to try out the mattresses they want to rest-test.

With the Select-a-Mat system, a mattress retailer can store and display sixteen queen mattresses in a 250 square foot space, more than three times the number of beds in a traditional display. By tripling the number of mattresses displayed, retailers can increase their square foot profit. For those retailers looking to expand their offerings, the Select-a-Mat system makes it possible to dramatically increase the number of mattresses on the show room floor without increasing square footage. This shelving solution helps bedding retailers free up space in their showrooms for other profitable collections or add-on accessories, like adjustable bases or pillow displays.

Traditionally, when a retailer was faced with a limited amount of floor space, the only way display additional mattress offerings was to stack them up against the wall. This meant that, when a customer wanted to test a mattress, it was pulled out of the stack and manually put on a bed frame or placed directly on the floor. Royrack offers a unique, easy-to-use alternative to this labor intensive process, reducing the risk of injury and improving customer experience.