RoyRack Introduces New Pricing And Safety Features

RoyRack Co. continues to support retailers with efficient, cost-saving solutions. The company’s advanced Select-A-Mat system not only maximizes showroom floor space, but enhances the overall rest-testing process. Over the past year, the company has made a number of changes in order to improve the pricing, quality and efficiency of its unique in-store racking and display tool.

First, RoyRack updated its manufacturing process by partnering with a new production facility. This new factory partnership has allowed RoyRack to produce its Select-A-Mat systems at a lower price point, while also increasing the overall quality of the product. In the past year, the company has lowered the cost by 30%—with twin-size system available at $699, full-size at $749 and queen-size at $799. RoyRack delivers even more savings on to the retailer by offering large volume discounts.

In addition to the new pricing, RoyRack has also updated the design of the Select-A-Mat system to include a brand new safety feature. The display allows retailers to maximize their floor space by vertically storing mattresses of all sizes and shapes, allowing RSAs and consumers to easily pull down each stored mattress for rest-testing. As the mattress is pulled down, retractable legs fold out to create a supportive bed frame. All of the racks now come with Soft Descent Technology, making it even easier to fold down the re- tractable mattress frame.