Royrack Helps Retailers Maximize Sales With Improved Pricing

Royrack is unveiling improved pricing on its innovative Select-A-Mat series of mattress racking systems. The company has re-engineered its product line to generate savings in excess of 20%—a significant value that is passed directly onto the retailers.

“We have kept the same design, the same quality but have added efficiencies at the manufacturing level to achieve the savings,” owner Roy Konrath explained.

In addition to the new manufacturing efficiencies, Royrack provides retailers with more savings by offering strategic container pricing and large volume discounts.

The Select-A-Mat racking system is designed to help smaller retailers maximize floor space and enhance the rest-test process. The unique display vertically stores mattresses of all sizes and allows the customer to easily set up each one on their own. When a mattress is pulled down, retractable legs fold out to support it at bed height for testing. Once the consumer is finished, they simply tip the mattress back up to restore it to its original storage placement.

Select-A-Mat offers unmatched storage capabilities—allowing retailers to show six twin mattresses in the same amount of space it takes to show one in a traditional display. This helps retail stores to accommodate a larger inventory and sell a wider range of mattress models. Bergmann’s Mattress and Appliance store in Slinger, WI has seen great sales increases since installing the RoyRack system, with more customers purchasing the top mattress models. As the owner explained, “It has paid for itself in a few months.”