Royrack Company Introduces Select-A-Mat Storage and Display System

Royrack Company will be displaying the new Select-a-Mat Mattress Display and Storage System at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The Select-a-Mat system can hold any size and thickness of mattress, allowing retailers to store mattresses vertically, right in the show room, saving valuable floor space and offering added mattress options for their customers. The Select-a-Mat racking system allows the customer to easily pull out the mattress they want to test. They simply pull out the mattress, tip the mattress down with mechanical assistance, then legs in the rack will fold out to hold the mattress at bed height, allowing the customer to test out the mattress. After testing, the customer simply tips the mattress back up, again mechanically-assisted, and slides it back in.

How does this change the industry?

All retail businesses, large and small, have one thing in common: they all strive to maximize profit per square foot. That is why racks and shelves exist in stores. The Select-a Mat system brings this concept to the mattress industry. The Select-a-Mat system not only provides efficient and cost-effective mattress storage, it also gives the retail customer a simple, easy, and safe way to try out the mattresses they choose.

Presently, five queen mattresses can take up 250 square feet on the retail floor. With the Select-a-Mat system, a mattress retailer can store and display sixteen queen mattresses in the same space! This easily triples the number of mattresses a retailer can display, which allows them to increase their profit per square foot. This display system will allow mattress retailers to dramatically increase the number of mattresses on the show room floor without increasing square footage, freeing space for other profitable lines like foam mattresses and adjustable bases. Today, there are large retail companies that sell mattresses on their websites, but not in their stores because of the space required. Now, with the Select-a Mat system, these retailers can offer their customers mattress purchase options on-line or in-store.

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About Royrack LLC: Founded in 2012, the patent-pending Select-a-Mat Mattress Display and Storage system was invented by owner Roy Konrath when he saw a need in the industry to find a better way to display mattresses. “In the mattress industry, the way to display mattresses when you don't have enough room, is to stack them up against the wall. When a customer wants to test a mattress, it is pulled out of the stack and manually put on a bed frame, or they just lay it on the floor. This is a very labor intensive and possible injury-prone way of doing it, and not a very good customer experience.” This new way of displaying mattresses simplifies that process.